Assessment Literacy

If you have been following me for any period of time, you know I am passionate about the need for developing a data mindset FIRST to then have the capacity to use educational data in an effective manner.  In other words, I believe there is a need for increased assessment literacy.

I’m excited to announce I was invited to join the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) National Task Force on Assessment Education and Literacy for Teachers.  The Task Force invited thought leaders from around the country to join together to work on the development of best practices and programs for assessment education – both in colleges of education, national education organizations, and in K12 school districts.  Half of the Task Force members represent pre-service expertise and the other half represent in-service experience.  NWEA convened this Task Force because they believe that the key to improving assessment use and understanding is to provide clear support and best practices in both teacher education programs as well as through In-Service professional learning in K12 school districts.  Since teachers are the lead communicator to both students and parents about assessment, it is critically important to provide them with the right preparation and support to understand and use assessments in support of learning.

As part of the work, NWEA has created an invaluable resource – check it out!  Their approach aligns directly with my philosophy of using the A+ Inquiry framework to guide the development of a data mindset.


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