Ready, Set, GO

School is in full swing.  The first day jitters have hopefully worn off and all administrators, teachers, students, and support staff are settling in for what, no doubt, will be a wild ride of a year.  It always is a ride in education – wild and never boring.  It’s unpredictable and hard while it pushes you to your limits.  But that’s what makes it the best career in the world at the same time.  Only the things which really matter can make you feel like you’ve conquered the world to then have your face pushed in the sand the next day.  And teaching is one of those things.  No doubt.

We all go into education because of the kids, this I know must be true.  No one goes into this game without a love for children and a reverent want to make a real difference.  It’s easy to remember this when you have twenty-four fourth graders in front of you every single day.  You know their favorite teams and you know when their birthdays are and you know what makes them scared and you know what makes them soar.  You remember every single day.  This career is about the brown, blue, green, hazel, gray eyes sitting across the room from you, looking to you to be their number one for an entire school year.

Kudos to you classroom teachers.  You are the ones who get the privilege of being the person the kids consider to be theirs. Please don’t forget the power that holds.

I think it becomes harder to remember we do everything we do in education for the students once you step out of a classroom.  You aren’t dealing with Kleenex crises, constant pencil sharpening, and tears from not understanding long division.  You are instead dealing with scheduling, staffing, parent communication, school board communication, bus routes, policy making, policy following, policy supporting, etc…  The list goes on and on of the logistics taking place behind the scenes to allow the teachers to sit across from the students and use their gifts to create learning.  It gets tricky to keep everything flowing smoothly and everyone safe and it’s not easy.  It’s not easy in different ways than reminding for the twelfth time in an hour we sit in chairs, we don’t rock back in them.

But, amidst that different kind of chaos, the behind the scenes folks must also remember it always, always goes back to those brown, blue, green, hazel, gray eyes sitting in those wooden or metal desks looking to their teacher to love them for this school year.  It has to go back to them because they are the number one reason we are all in this.

And we are all in it together.

Students, learn on.

Teachers, teach on.

Principals, lead on.

Superintendents, big lead on.

School Boards, make decisions on.

State Agencies, guide on.

Support Staff, support on.

Cheers to another year kicking off and may it be the best one yet.


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