The North Dakota Educational Technology Council (ND ETC) is the state board responsible for developing technology systems and coordinating their use to enhance and support educational opportunities for elementary and secondary education as cited in NDCC 54-59.

The Educational Technology Council is made up of twelve members representing eleven stakeholder groups. The ETC is governed using the Policy Governance Model. Click here to view the current policies.

EduTech and ND Center for Distance Education are part of the ETC.


ETC Awards Build Grants to 73 Schools

Jody French, ND ETC Director, announced the Build Grant Awards on December 17, 2015.  The 73 schools have selected a variety of Build Projects to support their teaching and learning.

  • 38 schools will purchase devices
  • 17 schools will improve their infrastructure
  • 1 school will provide professional learning for their staff members
  • 3 schools will purchase devices and improve their infrastructure
  • 10 schools will purchase devices and provide professional learning for their staff members
  • 4 schools will purchase devices, improve their infrastructure, and provide professional learning for their staff members

The total grant award is $1.3 million.  Congratulations to the Schools on their successful applications!


NDETC Awarded Rural Utilities Service Grant

The NDETC received a Rural Utilities Service grant to purchase equipment for 37 public schools. Participating consortia include the Heart of the Valley, Great Western Network and Northeast Education Service Cooperative. The grant provides $267,140.00 and participating schools provide a match of $270,100.00. Dave Skogen, EduTech served as grant writer.

The funds will upgrade video-teleconferencing equipment, replace failing devices and expand access to state-of-the-art distance learning technology. The new equipment will leverage the state’s existing high-capacity broadband network, which will deliver a more interactive educational experience to students and teachers via the Internet.


ETC Meetings

The next ETC Meeting will be held Monday, April 25, 2016.   The Quarterly ETC Meeting is scheduled from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm CT. at the ND Center for Distance Education, 4776 28th Ave S, Suite 301
Fargo, ND 58104.  The Quarterly ETC Meeting Agenda will be posted April 18.  The Council Members are listed under Contact Us.

You are welcome to attend.